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The soil in our vineyards is the mother of the wines. It gives the vines a foothold, it gathers and saves warmth and moisture, and provides the plants with essential nutrients.

The soil has a fundamental influence on style, art and quality of the wines. For this reason, we plant only specific varieties in chosen soils.


Badenheimer Galgenberg cubeBADENHEIMER GALGENBERG
Badenheim's southern vineyard is captivated by a high lime concentration. Here, you will find many limestones and fossilized mussels. Portugieser and Silvaner grow in abundance on the Galgenberg with full, round aromas.

Badenheimer Roemerberg cubeBADENHEIMER RÖMERBERG
The Badenheimer Römerberg has a high concentration of loam and clay and offers wines with mineral qualities and fruity aromas. Optima and Riesling thrive here.


Pleitersheimer Sternberg cubePLEITERSHEIMER STERNBERG

The Pleitersheimer Sternberg is a very clay toned site. The site is often crossed by streaks of gravel and is especially known for delicate, sophisticated, fine, fruitful, and lively wines. Müller Thurgau, Riesling, and Kerner grow here.

Volxheimer Alte Roemerstrasse cubeVOLXHEIMER ALTE RÖMERSTRASSE
This lime rich gravel soil is especially good for holding warmth. On this southern site, grow all our Pinot Blanc vineyards which are distinguished for their aroma, delicateness, and fullness. Cabernet Sauvignon, Gewürztraminer, Rivaner, and St. Laurent indulge in the sunlight that this site receives.

Volxheimer Liebfrau cubeVOLXHEIMER LIEBFRAU
This southern site has a deep grounded soil with a high lime and compact clay concentration. It's optimal for Pinot varieties which satisfy the senses with abundance and full body. Here, our Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, Regent, Dornfelder und Portugieser are at home.

Volxheimer Moenchberg cubeVOLXHEIMER MÖNCHBERG
On this site with a mix of soft and hard clay soils sits our oldest vineyard. Planted in 1958, this Portugieser vineyard is our gold piece. Because of its age, all the work in this vineyard is carried out by hand. Our Portugieser Antik is made from these hand selected grapes. Aside from Portugieser, Dornfelder and Pinot Noir grow here.

Woellsteiner Aeffchen cubeWÖLLSTEINER ÄFFCHEN
This easily warmed loose clay soil also keeps in moisture and nutrients and is optimal in especially dry years, such as in 2003 and 2004. Deeper in the ground is a wide layer of more compact clay. The grapes always ripen a few days earlier on this pure southern site. Our Riesling, Bacchus, Kerner, Silvaner, Dornfelder, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Meunier varieties grow here.

Woellsteiner Oelberg cubeWÖLLSTEINER ÖLBERG
One of our more special sites with the Wöllsteiner Water Tower has a very rocky soil (Porphyrgestein). Deep under ground, one finds solid bedrock. Our most outstanding St. Laurent grows here where the ripening conditions are just right.