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We see the sometimes differing perceptions of the perfect wine not at all agitating. In fact, we see it as positive. These constructive disagreements that we foster are, as we see it, responsible for the development that the winery has gone through in the last few years. Our father's many years of experience, our awareness of tradition, certainly our shared goals and, as three “young winemakers”, our daily passion for innovation build the foundation for success. We love to hear our customers say that they can taste the pleasure we find in our work, our passion for performance and our boisterous curiosity in the Kitzer wines.



Variety typical, full of character, wine for every occasion and every taste with an attractive price-pleasure  ratio describes our biggest common goal pretty well.


Hans Friedrich cube minHANS-FRIEDRICH KITZER
is a certified  Engineer of Viticulture and Oenology, Master Winemaker, and CEO of our winery. While still in his apprenticeship, he began expanding the winery to its present size. His favorite wines, like his natural disposition, are young, fresh and lively.






Tobias cube minTOBIAS KITZER
s a certified  Engineer of Viticulture and Oenology. He incorporates his collected experiences in the USA and South Africa into the Kitzer winery. Gentle and variety tailored vinification are important to him: gentle pressing and a temperature controlled fermentation are followed by “controlled idleness”. Tobias abstains from fining and allows his wines a long storage period on the yeast until just before bottling – plenty of time for natural, individual development. His heart beats for heavy red wines, which like the winery's white wines, excite across the board.



Björn Weinfässer cube minBJÖRN KITZER
is also a certified Oenologist and Viticulturist. In 2005 he competed against 500 other winemakers in Germany's official occupational competition for winemaking and took first place. His focus is on the care of the grapes while they're still on the vine. Every year he delivers a perfect grape harvest for the production of the variety typical Kitzer wines to his brother, Tobias. Bjoern is a fan of Riesling and Pinot wines. He prefers his wines just like his father does, fresh and lively.



Julian Weinfässer cube minJULIAN KITZER
After internships in Australia, France, and South Africa, Julian studied Viticulture and Oenology at Geisenheim University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2014 . During and after his course of studies, he collected experience at Weingut Doennoff on the Nahe. He returned to the family winery in 2017. He especially focuses his attention on Riesling and the work in the vineyard.